GoodBugs "Beeter Be Good" Summer Salad


One of the best ways to enjoy our Sauerkrauts is with a fresh summer salad. We paired our awesome ‘Beeter Be Good’ sauerkraut with some fresh salad greens to make this delicious dish. Here’s the recipe: 

-Fresh salad greens (spinach, lettuce, microgreens)

-Fresh herbs (basil, rocket, mint)

-Sauerkraut (flavour of your choice)

-Garnish with olives, seeds and nuts, freshly grated carrot/cucumber/beetroot and drizzle with your favourite dressing!

Let us know which flavour you like best below!

Stay tuned for more recipe ideas to help you think of fun, fresh ways to use our GoodBugs!


GoodBugs Beeter Be Good Summer Salad

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