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Today, it's simple to subscribe to the goods we use every day. We can purchase movie, coffee, and even toilet paper subscriptions. Why not subscribe to our unique health food subscription box. Here at GoodBugs we encourage you to include fermented foods in every meal, every day and subscribing to one of our two options hits the sweet spot of both great taste and health. We are proud to be able to offer a subscription box that boasts variety and value to our subscribers.

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3 in a box - $48.95/BOX


250g Pesto + 500g Kimchi + 500g Sauerkraut

Bugs Galore - $84.95/BOX

save up tO $14/BOX

250g Pesto + 2 x 500g Kimchi + 3-4 x 500g Sauerkrauts and/or Pickled Treat

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