Goodbugs Subscription Box

Free Nationwide Delivery and Only Available by Subscription

GoodBugs to your door step WHEN YOU NEED IT. EVERY MONTH if you would like.  The tastiest, easiest way to stay well-stocked with GoodBugs. 

We'll match your family with tasty flavours each month. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements. 

Tell us what you want each delivery or be surprised by 3 or 6 in a Box which will include:

  • Pesto (250g) -  Zesta or Nut Free Fermented Pesto
  • Kimchi (500g) - Ginger Ninja or Kiss Me Kimchi  **
  • Sauerkrauts or Pickled Treat (500g) - We'll match your taste to our flavours each month Bugs Galore  is customisable too.  No kimchi? no problem. 6 sauerkraut? no problem.


    Free Delivery Nationwide


    Your credit card will be automatically charged on this same day each interval. Because there are overhead expenses when setting up your subscription, you commit to at least 2 orders before you can cancel your subscription, those two orders must be made in the first 6 months. You can change your subscription (e.g. order content, delivery date), pause your subscription or even cancel as you need. 

    You'll be able to manage your subscription by logging back into the website or by contacting GoodBugs directly. You will be sent an account activation email after your first order. Easy.


    At the check out, please leave us a notes if you have any dietary requirements or allergies we should be aware of. 

    If you're Vegan, we'll ensure you're sent only Vegan products (e.g. Kiss Me Kimchi Hot Vegan Kimchi, as Ginger Ninja Kimchi has fish sauce) 

    If you've a Nut Allergy, we'll ensure you're sent only the Nut-Free Fermented Pesto.