The GoodBugs Story

Our Why

We exist to help empower you to take charge of your and your family's health.

We have a vision that everyone will be including a diverse range of probiotic rich foods in every meal, every day.

Our purpose is to educate and create market awareness for fermented foods, and to expand consumer knowledge about the importance of fermented foods.

Meet Marea

Hi, I'm Marea Verry the main face of GoodBugs, and a self-styled health advocate. I have been interested in fermentation and nutrient dense food for the last 20 years.

My parter, Daniel and I are raising four amazing kids, aged 4-11, who attend our local kura. We maintain a 60 m2 organic permacultured urban garden, modelled on the Koanga Institute methods and we currently have five hens. In my spare time, I am involved in the gardening club at school and still teaching and maintaining a local holistic community via the Hamilton Weston A. Price Foundation.

After teaching a class about making pesto from all the wild and wonderful herbs and greens found in the garden, I experimented with fermenting pesto and it became a firm favourite because of it superior taste, shelf life and nutritional properties.

I saw potential in producing fermented pesto commercially and being the market leader. GoodBugs started out at the Hamilton Farmers Market and are now available online and in selected local specialty stores and cafes. GoodBugs are leading the way bringing new and innovative fermented products to market.

Marea Verry Farmers Market

Empowering you toward greater health and wellness

Our mission is to educate about the importance of including raw and alive probiotic rich foods into everyday living and how to prepare and consume fermented foods from a variety of sources.
We are what we eat, and by choosing nutrient dense food you are choosing food that is more functional and contains essential nutrients for optimal health. You are choosing to eat right, feel great, achieve better health physically, mentally and emotionally, by smarter eating.

Production models that foster quantity over the nutritional quality of our food are the largest contributor to modern day health problems.

Our society, are experiencing more and more ill health and dis-ease because of the way we are commercially growing food (plants and animals). Conventional food does not contain the essential nutrition that the cells of our body need to function at it’s best.

We want to use our knowledge, experience and passion to empower you  to eat, prepare, grow and buy your own nutrient dense food and to enjoy in your own dining room, kitchen and backyard.