Smashed Avo Golden Kraut toast

Golden Kraut Sauerkraut

There’s really no better way to wake up than with some good probiotics to feed your gut. Incorporating GoodBugs into your morning is a great way to feed your body and start your day off strong. 

Pictured here we have some smashed avo toast paired with our delicious Golden Kraut. The orange, tumeric and ginger along with the tang of the kraut compliment the creamy avocado to create an epic duo. We garnished our toast with fresh rocket and sunflower seeds for some extra flavour. 

Here’s how to make your own in 5 simple steps:

Step one-Smash your avo and season it with your choice of garlic/chilli/salt/pepper/lime. 

Step two-Spread your avo all over your choice of bread, we love a good homemade loaf or farmers market sourdough!

Step three-Spread some GoodBugs of your choice all over your toast, the more the merrier.

Step four-Garnish  your toast with fresh herbs, nuts and seeds, olive oil or fresh tomato.It’s completely up to you! 

Step five-Devour your delicious creation and feed that good gut bacteria. 

Remember to stay tuned for more fun ways to use GoodBugs!


Smashed Avo Golden Kraut toast
Golden Kraut - GoodBugs

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