Fermentation Fun!
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7-9pm Go Eco, 188 Commerce St,  Frankton, Hamilton 

Thurs 17th June - The Miracle of Mozzarella - $35
Thurs 1st July - Kombucha at Home - $30
Thurs 29th July - Kimchi Make and Take  - $30
Thurs 12 August - Never Fail Sourdough - $30 

Guest presenter Lorenzo Gariglio from the North part of Italy, came to New Zealand 5 years ago and 4 years ago started his own business as artisan cheese maker in Tauranga. www.dreamcheese.co.nz

The Miracle of Mozerella: stretching the curd and a journey in the cheese world - Thursday 17th June

Being a cheese maker since he was 10 years old and lucky to have as a teacher one of the last old traditional italian cheese maker he is producing a range of italian cheeses using only the great New Zealand Organic milk, his hands and passion.


Class Program:

  • cheese: milk, rennet and salt
  • Mozzarella curd;
  • Stretching the curd and mozzarella balls forming
  • changing a detail and obtaining different cheeses
  • presenting and tasting different italian cheeses from our production.

Kombucha At Home - Thursday 1st July 7-9pm

Everyone is drinking it, every one is talking about it - learn to make you own and find out what all the fuss is about. Watch this space for a guest presenter

Each participant takes home a kombucha SCOBY and starter liquid with instructions and confidence to brew your own great tasting fermented kombucha. We bust a few myths and talk about the importance of including fermented foods which contain billions of little helpers, in every meal, every day. Lots of opportunity to taste homemade and bought varieties. If you are making your own kombucha already, feel free to bring along for us to try (and critique)..

Class Program:

  • Your SCOBY and how to care for it.
  • flavouring and ingredients
  • tasting and testing.

Kimchi: Make and Take - Thursday 29th July 7-9pm

Get Ready to get hands on! Participants bring a knife, chopping board and the biggest jar they can find. Taking home a large jar of soon to be Kimchi. 

Marea Verry owner/operator of GoodBugs presents this class and really simplifies the process of making kimchi at home. Kimchi is one of the cheapest easiest superfood that you can make yourself. Come with your questions, because I have lots of the answers.

Class Program:

  • sauerkraut, kimchi, fermented vegetables.
  • basic immunity, gut health and probiotics
  • tasting and testing

Sourdough: Never Fail - Thursday 3rd June 7-9pm

Always wanted to make sourdough bread? We will show you how to make a yummy, very simple, no knead, never fail sourdough loaf, suitable for school lunch boxes, great with soup and cost as little as $2.

Marea Verry owner/operator of GoodBugs presents this class, using a tried and true recipe from Hamilton's very own Volare, we will show you: how to care for and feed your starter, bread making ratios and how to schedule your cooking times.

Class Program:

  • How to care and feed your starter
  • bread making ratios
  • how to schedule your cooking times.
  • tasting and testing

Every Meal, Every Day

Learn how to make your own ferments at home so that you and your family can enjoy affordable artisan fare with every meal.

Lots of Samples

There will be lots of trying and tasting, to give you confidence in your fermenting experiments..

A perfect gift

Who is someone you know that would love to attend these workshops? Experiences make great gifts..


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