Who said Easter Eggs have to be Sweet?

Zesta Fermented Pesto

Devilled Eggs and Probiotic Pickled Eggs

Wow your family and friends with 2 Delicious Eggy Fermented Love recipes.

Devilled Eggs with Zesta

Devilled eggs, or green eggs, so simple and super tasty!

Mix Zesta fermented pesto with hard boiled egg yolks and mayonnaise. This recipe is amazing with Ellen's Fermented Mayonnaise.

Pipe into boiled egg white halves and garnish with microgreens or a dollop of Zesta.

Probiotic Pickled Eggs

Boil, cool and peel as many eggs as you need to fill a jar. Top up with with Goodbugs kimchi or sauerkraut juice. Place in fridge. These eggs seem to last forever. They are a bit harder then a normal boiled eggs.

Use them in salad, in sandwiches or for making devilled eggs.*


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