Lacto Fermented Root Vegetables

Can I make my own fermented food? Of course! Friday Ferments will give you some great ideas to start your own kitchen experiments.

Root Vegetables are great for fermenting. They contain a good amount of natural sugar and stay crunchy. Let me tell you how to make your own lacto fermented root vegetables for this Friday recipe.


  • Turnips (or carrots)
  • tbsp Dill seeds
  • 2% brine (1tsp or 5g salt/cup water: 250ml))


Cut your veg into bite size pieces, this jar has about a tbsp of dill seeds added then make a 2% salt brine enough to cover to the top of the jar ( 5g sea or pink salt to 250ml or a cup of water) if you have a grape vine pick a leaf and place on top of vegetables ( the tannins will keeps them crunchy ) I don’t have a grape vine so I’ve used a green teabag. Fit lid on and place in a cool place and let ferment for about a month.

Cover with a cloth or loose lid so no bugs get in and leave to ferment for about 1 month.

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