Kiwichi Dip


Can I make my own fermented food? Of course! Friday Ferments will give you some great ideas to start your own kitchen experiments. 

SWIPE right on Kiwi Onion Dip, there is a new kid in town!

Kiwichi Dip is the guilt free way to enjoy your BBQ snacks this weekend. For Friday ferments we've reinvented the kiwi classic to tantalise your tastebuds and get your daily dose of Goodbugs.

Wow this one was so popular with our market visitors we got asked if we sell it. Unfortunately not, but fortunately for you, this is a 2-3 ingredient recipe which will be a hit at weekend BBQs and has #billionsoflittlehelpers too.


  • 150g Ginger Ninja Kimchi, finely diced (Buy here)
  • 1 250g can reduced cream (or sourcream or yogurt),
  • 30ml Lemon or kimchi juice, salt and pepper to taste.


Mix all ingredients together and leave to set in fridge for 2-24 hours

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