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You will love our Tastebud Teaser healthy sample box containing six mouth-watering products. This taster allows you to try our Zesta Fermented PestoKimchi, three or four different Sauerkraut delicacies.  We are convinced you will want more after testing them. You may even purchase your favourites to present to friends and family as healthy homemade food gifts.

Why should you get a taste of the Tastebud Teaser?

  • Small sample jars so you can try a little to find out your probiotic food favourites
  • Online sauerkraut recipes designed exclusively for GoodBugs by Emma Galloway at My Darling Lemon Thyme
  • Makes it easy to get probiotic GoodBugs in every meal over your entire week!

$45 + free* shipping*
TasteBud Teaser Sample Box (6 jars)

GoodBugs NZ make probiotic foods: sauerkrauts, kimchis and Zesta fermented pestos taste so good, you'll be eating them out of the jar! All GoodBugs products are made from spray-free produce grown in the Waikato.

The Tastebud Teaser x 6 Healthy Sample Box (subject to availability) usually includes:

  • 1x Zesta Fermented Pesto (140g)
  • 1x Kimchi (140g)
  • 4x Sauerkraut (140g)

*rural or south island surcharges may apply

*rural or south island surcharges may apply. 10%SIGNUP Code not valid on Tastebud Teaser boxes

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You’ve got to try our made in NZ Made Hot Vegan Kimchi! Select the vegan sample box option and one will come your way. Soon you’ll be drooling too.

A perfect gift

The TasteBud Teaser Healthy Sample Gift Box is great as a gift or just to try. Give the gift of tasty, probiotic-rich fermented foods.


Ready to give it a taste?

Try the TasteBud Teaser 6 x Sample Box