We exist to help empower you to take charge of yours and your family's health.

We have a vision that everyone will be

including a diverse range of probiotic rich foods in

every meal, every day.

Our purpose is to educate and create market awareness for our Zesta  fermented pesto and other new fermented foods we develop, to expand consumer knowledge about the importance of fermented foods.

Empowering you toward greater health and wellness

Our mission is to educate about the importance of including raw and alive probiotic rich foods into their everyday living and how to prepare and consume fermented foods from a variety of sources

We are what we eat, and by choosing nutrient dense food you are choosing food that is more functional and contains essential nutrients for optimal health. You are choosing to eat right, feel great, achieve better health physically, mentally and emotionally, by smarter eating.

Unfortunately in today’s society what we are seeing a trend in production models that foster quantity over the nutritional quality of our food; this is the largest contributor to modern day health problems.

Our society, are experiencing more and more health problems because of the way we are commercially growing food (plants and animals).  Our food does not contain the essential nutrition that the cells of our body need to function at it’s best.

We want to use our knowledge, experience and passion to empower society to know how to eat, prepare and grow their own nutrient dense food, in their own dining room, kitchen and backyard.

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