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Wholesale Sauerkraut - Catering 15kg (Inc GST)

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Fresh, raw and alive!

Handmade in small batches using local sprayfree cabbages grown in the Waikato.

GoodBugs Sauerkraut is fermented using traditional wild fermentation methods. The process of lacto-fermentation utilises the naturally present yeasts and bacteria on cabbage to produce a sauerkraut alive with lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial microbes (GoodBugs!). 



Zuurkool: Real Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Salt**

Purple Zuurkool: Red Sauerkraut 100% Sprayfree Red Cabbages, Salt** Caraway Seed**

Dilly Dally:  Dill Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Salt** Dill Seed, Dill tip

Citrus Twist: Lemon Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Lemon** Salt** Coriander Seed**

Golden Kraut: Orange, Tumeric and Ginger Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Orange** Salt** Tumeric Root**, Ginger Root**

Thai ThisLime and Chilli Sauerkraut: Sprayfree Cabbages, Spring Onion*, Lime Juice, Chilli, Makrut Lime Leaves, Lime Zest, Ginger**, Salt**

Beeter Be Good: Beet and Apple Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Beetroot,  Apple, Ginger, Salt**

The Fennel CountdownBeet and Fennel Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Beetroot*, Fennel, Fennel Seed, Salt**

Sweet As: Honey Mustard Sauerkraut Sprayfree Cabbages, Raw Local Honey, Salt** Mustard Seed, Turmeric, Celery Seed.  ALLERGEN: Contains Honey

*Sprayfree **Certified Organic