Fundraising for Cedric's School Spanish Trip 

Bug Juice Kombucha Fermented Tea

Add 3 bottles or 6, to your order and help Cedric reach his goal for a Oct 2024 Spanish Trip.

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Cedric (age 14, year 10) attends Hamilton Boys High School and is fundraising for a joint Arts and Language trip to Spain in Oct 2024. The trip is 3 weeks and this amount needed for this trip is ~$11,500. $3500 for airflights. $6000 for breakfast, accommodation and internal travel in Spain and up to $2000 for spending money. 

What is great about Kombucha?

  • Kombucha adds diversity to your daily range of probiotics. 
  • Low sugar and low alcohol. Fermentation  converts sugar into low levels of alcohol and CO2  <1.15%
  • Makes it easy to get probiotic GoodBugs in every meal over your entire week!
  • Refreshing beverage. Great to drink with dinner as a mixer or in the place of alcohol.
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$25 with any GoodBugs order.
3 x 750ml or 6 x 300ml

GoodBugs NZ make probiotic foods: sauerkrauts, kimchis and Zesta fermented pestos taste. All GoodBugs products are made from spray-free produce grown in the Waikato.

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Refreshing Beverage

You’ve got to try our handmade kombucha. Soon you’ll be drooling too.

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