Two Outstanding Food Producer, Award Winning Kimchi from GoodBugs

Kimchi OFPA

We are so excited to share with you our award winning Kimchis:-) You told us you loved them and the judges agree @outstandingfoodproducerawards.

I am especially proud of our Kiss Me Kimchi, this was a new flavour recently developed solely by me. Since Ellen left GoodBugs, product development is now my responsibility, though I  still check in with Ellen for taste testing;-) 

This Hot Vegan Kimchi was originally made from savoy cabbages which gives it a quite different texture to differentiate  it from Ginger Ninja which more like a sauerkraut in texture. Instead of fish sauce we are using an Umami Salt from Urban Hippie, and it pretty much makes anything taste great. 

This is what the judges had to say:

Good Bugs Kiss Me Kimchi - Hot Vegan Kimchi
Judges' comments: More variety of textures and flavour hits of individual ingredients. Refreshing but nice bite from chilli. Would definitely purchase.

Good Bugs Ginger Ninja Kimchi
Judges' comments: A good degree of heat, vibrant colour. Versatile product.


These can still all be purchased at local Farmers' Markets, selected retailers and online Free delivery NZ wide on orders >$45 


Check out the full list for all the Outstanding Food Producers

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