Feijoa Fizz

Feijoa Fizz Ferments at Home Probiotic Drinks

Thank goodness for Feijoa Fizz! Zero Waste and naturally probiotic.

  • Feijoa Skins
  • Tablespoon Sugar
  • Water

Normally we have continuous kombucha, jun and water kefir on the go, but with 4 kids at home all day every day, we are going through many litres of 'juice' as my kids call it. We are lucky that we have three late ripening feijoa trees in our back yard, but before those are ready, we are often jumping our neighbour's fence to pick up theirs, which ripen earlier.

Feijoas are amazing! The fruit matures in autumn and is green, and about the size and shape of an egg. It has a sweet, aromatic flavour. The flesh is juicy. The fruit drops when ripe, but can be picked from the tree before to prevent bruising. Feijoa fruit have a distinctive smell, so reminiscent of my childhood and I love anythign feijoa flavoured. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/may/13/falling-for-feijoas-the-fruit-new-zealand-wants-the-world-to-love

Some varieties can be eaten skins and all, but many have skins that are not that edible, so you can just add a tablespoon of sugar to those discarded feijoa skins, submerge in water and leave on bench for approx 3 days, agitate the jar each day to discourage kahm yeast. Strain and bottle after 3 days, it will be naturally effervescent. If you add a tsp of sugar and ferment on bench in an airtight jar for another 2 days, the sugar will be converted to CO2 = more fizz.

Please use fit for purpose bottles, because exploding glass is a possibility with any build up of CO2. Most people use a 500ml-1l size bottles. We have done our  second ferment in a 5L carboy that you can buy from any homebrew shop. I bought this one at https://brewyourownliquor.co.nz/ 

Pottery Mugs are from http://www.laughingpottery.com/ in Waihi, we picked them up on a recent holiday there.

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