Kimchi 500g - Caulipower! Cauliflower Kimchi
Caulipower Cauliflower Kimchi Jar 500g

Kimchi 500g - Caulipower! Cauliflower Kimchi

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Award Winning Kimchi.

So good you'll be eating it out of the jar! Just the right degree of heat for the NZ palate. Made from spray-free produce grown in the Waikato.

This is a fermented product, so a small amount of fizzing is normal and safe to consume. 

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Outstanding Food Producer Award: SILVER

Judges' comments: "More variety of textures and flavour hits of individual ingredients. Refreshing but nice bite from chilli. Would definitely purchase."

 Ingredients: Sprayfree Green and Savoy Cabbage*, Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Umami Salt**, Organic Salt

*Sprayfree  **Koji Shio fermented salt


Ginger Ninja - GINGER KIMCHI

Outstanding Food Producer Award: BRONZE 

Judges' comments: "A good degree of heat, vibrant colour. Versatile product."

Ingredients: Sprayfree Cabbage*,  Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Anchovy Sauce (fish) Organic Salt**

Contains Fish                   *Sprayfree    **Organic


Caulipower! - HOT VEGAN Cauliflower KIMCHI 500g

Contains the same ingredients as our award winning Kiss Me Kimchi, but cauliflower instead of Cabbage - Please  Note this is a seasonal product and is not available year round.

 Ingredients: Sprayfree Cauliflower*, Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Umami Salt**, Organic Salt

*Sprayfree  **Koji Shio fermented sa


Kimchi Lover Tastebud Teaser 6 Sample Box includes:

  • 1x Zesta Fermented Pesto (140g) **
  • 2x Kimchi (140g) - Ginger Ninja and Kiss Me Kimchi  **
  • 3 or 4x Sauerkraut (140g) - Golden Kraut, Dilly Dally, Purple Zuurkool, Sweet As or Beeter Be Good (subject to change)
  • 1 x Pickled Treat (140g) (when available)


    At the check out, please leave us a notes if you have any dietary requirements or allergies we should be aware of. 




    Seasonally Caulipower! Hot Vegan Kimchi made with cauliflower instead of cabbage provides a powerful punch for those that want something a bit different than our usual cabbage based kimchi.

    We create our handmade products in small batches, using a wild fermentation method - that produces health promoting lactic acid bacteria. A diversity of beneficial gut bacteria will support a healthy immune system vital to your family's health and wellbeing. Including GoodBugs’ NZ style kimchi as a great way to support your family’s health. We recommend that you add something fermented to every meal, every day. Eat with rice, in a toasted sandwich, on a salad, or with your morning eggs. Yum!