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BEHIND the scenes at GQQdBugs

There have been some big changes here at GoodBugs recently! Ellen has stepped back to spend more time with her family and Shannon to concentrate on her market gardening business:  Backyard Jem. So GoodBugs Ltd is just me Marea Verry (for now) . My parter, Daniel and I are raising 4 amazing kids, aged 3-10, who attend our local kura, 2 of whom are in the total immersion Rumaki. We maintain a 60 m2 organic permacultured urban garden modelled on the Koanga Institute methods and we currently have 7 hens. In my spare time I am getting involved in the gardening club at school and still teaching and maintaining a local holistic community via the Hamilton Weston A. Price Foundation  

After teaching a class about making pesto from all the wild and wonderful herbs and greens found in the garden, I experimented with fermenting pesto and it became a firm favourite in the three founder's households because of it superior taste, shelf life and nutritional properties.

I saw potential in producing fermented pesto commercially and being the market leader.  Ellen has a  lifelong love and passion for great food, especially fermented food and Shannon had recently established her small scale market garden venture: Backyard Jem.

With the organic market in NZ growing 10% per year the stars were aligning for the Health advocate, Foodie and Market Gardener; and thus GoodBugs Ltd was born.

GoodBugs started out at the Hamilton Farmers Market but are now available online and in selected local specialty stores and cafes.


This may have been the first time you have heard about Zesta - Fermented Pesto, but it won't be your last! GoodBugs are leading the way bringing new and innovative fermented products to market.

The Health Advocate, The Gardener and The Foodie
In the beginning....Marea Verry, Shannon Wright and Ellen Schoneveld all met through the local chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, bonding over a mutual interest in great tasting nutrient dense food. 

Marea Verry, Shannon Wright and Ellen Schoneveld

Founding Owners and Directors