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Fresh Raw Alive! Handmade in small batches using local sprayfree cabbages grown in the Waikato. GoodBugs Sauerkraut is femented using traditional wild fermentation methods. The process of lacto-fermentation utilises the naturally present yeasts and bacteria on cabbage to produce a sauerkraut alive with lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial microbes (GoodBugs!). 

Zurkool: Cabbages and Salt: our most popular flavour

Purple Zuurkool: Red and White Cabbage, Salt, Caraway Seed

Dilly Dally: Dill Seed and Dill Tip

Lemony Snicket: Lemonade and Caraway, Salt

Citrus Twist: Lime and Coriander Seed (note that coriander seed is a different flavour to fresh coriander if you are 1/10 people who can't stand fresh coriander)

Golden Kraut: Orange, Tumeric Root, Ginger Root

Ginger Ninja: Kimchi


Real Sauerkraut 460g

  • Due to ongoing fermentation, a small amount of fizzing is normal and safe to consume.