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Atjar Tjampoer = mixed sour

Can I make my own fermented food? Of course! Friday Ferments will give you some great ideas to start your own kitchen experiments.😆💕

Atjar Tjampoer is an Indonesian sweet and sour dish. As the word Tjampoer (mixed) already says Atjar Tjampoer is a mixed pickled vegetable dish. The fresh flavor of Atjar is a good combination with spicy dishes like Nasi Goreng


Method: You can basically use any vegetables you want or have on hand or in season eg green beans, cabbage, broccoli, I’ve used asparagus before Place all thinly sliced mix vegetables into a jar and top with salt brine Ferment for a week making sure the vegetables are covered with brine, a weight or smaller jar works loosely cover with a lid

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