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How can I use Fermented Foods Every meal, Every Day? Let us show you the ways....

So while I wait patiently at the Dutch embassy for my turn in line, I'm thinking about lunch!

This is called a Reuben, sourdough bread smothered in mustard then a few slices of cheese. If you don’t have a sandwich press I’ve used a frying pan before, but then it definitely needs butter on the outside. An ovenworks as well too. A Reuben would normally it comes with gherkin too, but as I made these fermented turnips, I’ve used them 🤤🤤

Enjoy your lunch everyone!


Sourdough Bread

Slices of Cheddar Cheese.

Corned Beef Slices

GoodBugs Zuurkool or Dilly Dally Sauerkraut

Pickled Gerkin (or Fermented Turnips)


Assemble your sandwich and toast in a sandwich press.

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