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A tale of two customers

When I work at markets I am always interested in the stories of the people who visit our stall. I've learnt a lot about how people have come to hear about fermented food. Very often, they have become interested after they or a loved one have experienced chronic ill health.

This is where the tale of two customers becomes both inspirational and frustrating. There is a continuum between these two customers and many will relate to being somewhere along that continuum.

Customer A identifies that everything about their previous life contributed to their ill health and they commit to a complete 180° change in that lifestyle. This person, is often not even a GoodBugs customers at all; their lifestyle change means that they start growing their own food, ferment at home, change their job, mend relationships and embrace every day responsibility for their own physical and mental health and well-being.

Customer Z believes it when they are told illness is a lottery, that they have no idea why it happens to some and not others. Their doctor tells them that as long as they “eat yogurt every day then their gut health will be fine”. They get upset or overwhelmed with well intentioned information. They dabble or 'try' but don't commit to a few 'alternative' ideas. Again this person, is often not even a GoodBugs customers at all, they have heard that fermented foods are supposed to be good for you, but they really don't like the taste, it is too expensive or too hard to learn to make their own.

If you experience or have experienced chronic ill health, where on the continuum are you? Are you committed to being more like Customer A or Customer Z?

Rates of chronic disease are at an all time high. Where is the hope? It turns out that nourishing our microbiome and consuming fermented foods is a vital part of the health and wellness puzzle. GoodBugs Ltd is here to help educate and enable and empower those that want to move along the continuum towards greater ownership of their health and wellness.

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