6 ways to include fermented foods in your life.

One sandwich: 6 fermented foods - Sourdough bread, Salami, Cheese, Kimchi, Fermented Mayonnaise, Cultured Butter

1. Try them - all of them! As many different types again and again and again. It takes about >10 tries before a new taste may become palatable. To make permanent changes, you can increase the levels little by little, so each step is imperceptible.

2. Buy them – You are fortunate that you are discovering fermented foods at the same time that it is becoming more commercially viable to sell fermented foods. Fermented foods and beverages are becoming increasingly popular. You can now find kombucha on tap in bars, sourdough bread in cafes and more varieties of yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi in your local markets, specialty stores and supermarket. Choose local traditionally fermented, raw organic and alive. Locally made with organic, sprayfree ingredients.

3. Eat them – With every meal, every day, many ways. As many different types as you can. The more diverse the better

4. Know them - Food developer and author of Taste What You're Missing: the passionate eater's guide to why good food tastes good, believes the best way to be enthusiastic about a type of food, is to become an expert on it. Fermented foods have historically been valued for their improved shelf life and unique taste, aroma, texture and appearance. They also allow us to consume otherwise inedible foods. For example, table olives must be fermented in order to remove their bitter-tasting phenolic compounds.

5. Make them - Although fermented foods may sound fancy, the practice of fermentation is actually simple and affordable. It only requires a few ingredients and when done at home, can save you a lot of money, while adding variety, new flavours and interesting textures to your diet. Vegetables such as cabbage, beetroot, radish, turnip and carrots are some of the easiest foods to ferment at home, as the bacteria living on the surface does the fermenting for you.

6. Give them - Share the Fermented Love. - Once you are a fan, you will want to share the love. Give the gift of health with fermented foods at Christmas, give away any spare cultures, wax lyrical about your new passion to your friends and family. And share the love by supporting your local farmers and food producers.

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