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Kimchi Flakes - 20g Freeze Dried Kimchi

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Award Winning Kimchi.

So good you'll be eating it out of the jar! Just the right degree of heat for the NZ palate. Made from spray-free produce grown in the Waikato.

This is a fermented product, so a small amount of fizzing is normal and safe to consume. 

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Outstanding Food Producer Award: SILVER

Judges' comments: "More variety of textures and flavour hits of individual ingredients. Refreshing but nice bite from chilli. Would definitely purchase."

 Ingredients: Sprayfree Green and Savoy Cabbage*, Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Umami Salt**, Organic Salt

*Sprayfree  **Koji Shio fermented salt


Ginger Ninja - GINGER KIMCHI

Outstanding Food Producer Award: BRONZE 

Judges' comments: "A good degree of heat, vibrant colour. Versatile product."

Ingredients: Sprayfree Cabbage*,  Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Anchovy Sauce (fish) Organic Salt**

Contains Fish                   *Sprayfree    **Organic


Caulipower! - HOT VEGAN Cauliflower KIMCHI 500g

Contains the same ingredients as our award winning Kiss Me Kimchi, but cauliflower instead of Cabbage - Please  Note this is a seasonal product and is not available year round.

 Ingredients: Sprayfree Cauliflower*, Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Spring Onion* Umami Salt**, Organic Salt

*Sprayfree  **Koji Shio fermented sa


Kimchi Lover Tastebud Teaser 6 Sample Box includes:

  • 1x Zesta Fermented Pesto (140g) **
  • 2x Kimchi (140g) - Ginger Ninja and Kiss Me Kimchi  **
  • 3 or 4x Sauerkraut (140g) - Golden Kraut, Dilly Dally, Purple Zuurkool, Sweet As or Beeter Be Good (subject to change)
  • 1 x Pickled Treat (140g) (when available)


    At the check out, please leave us a notes if you have any dietary requirements or allergies we should be aware of. 






    We've taken our punchy Chunky Kimchi and freeze dried it!  Kimchi flakes are great for snacking on.

    Chunky Kimchi Spicy Vegan Kimchi made with chunky cut Nappa Cabbage provides a powerful punch for those that want something a bit more of an authentic Kimchi texture.


    Ingredients: Nappa Cabbage*, Ginger Root, Garlic*, Daikon Radish, Carrot, Spring Onion* Umami Salt**, Organic Salt
    *Sprayfree  **Koji Shio fermented salt

    Each jar is weight equivalent to 250g. You can even reconstitute the freeze dried kimchi with water. Because it is freeze dried it will absorb water when added to salads etc...

    We create our handmade products in small batches, using a wild fermentation method - that produces health promoting lactic acid bacteria. A diversity of beneficial gut bacteria will support a healthy immune system vital to your family's health and wellbeing. Including GoodBugs’ NZ style kimchi as a great way to support your family’s health. We recommend that you add something fermented to every meal, every day. Eat with rice, in a toasted sandwich, on a salad, or with your morning eggs. Yum!